Our recipes are designed by professional athletes, specialist chefs and certified nutritionists based on the requirements of sport nutrition and other dietary disciplines such as diabetic and weight-loss diets. In addition, none of these recipes include refined sugar, trans fatty acids, white flour and other ingredients that may be related to diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, cancer, etc. all meals are prepared by avoiding any unhealthy ingredient and cooked in cutting edge technology ovens in order to prevent any loss of nutrients. The amounts of protein, carbohydrate, vitamins and minerals in each meal are tailored in line with the directives from World Health Organisation (WHO).


Creating healthy recipes without compromising on taste has been one of the key elements in FOOD FOR FIT’s success. The wide product range and its unique design make FOOD FOR FIT a modern nutrition hub and social club not only for athletes but for a large proportion of people of all ages who are inspired to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Our product range is comprised of over 180 food and drinks. The recipes and cooking programs and methods have been developed by our team. The contents of all meals are periodically analysed by nutritionists to assess whether the amounts of protein, carbohydrates, fat and calories are at the desired levels. Nutritional facts of each product are made available on the menu for the consumers who wish to calculate their intake. The concept has a specific range of colours and a modern interior design with unique decorative and artistic features such as wall paintings. The idea behind the design of the concept is to create a modern space that makes its users feel at home and also encourages them to share photos on social media.

In order to emphasise on an active lifestyle we use a self-service model that uses buzzer systems. Orders are taken at the till and the customer is given a buzzer device which goes off when the order is ready to be collected at the bar. Home delivery service is also available. The food orders take between 7 and 10 minutes to prepare whereas drinks are prepared in 2 to 5 minutes.




Our aim is to make an impact in our society, not only by offering and supplying healthy nutritious food, but by helping to build a community

who value quality and health.